Chief Executive Officer & President / PRODUCER

CARLO J. FARINA® is currently serving as Producer (in pre-production) of BAIUL-FARINA’s debut major motion picture “SONJA: QUEEN OF ICE” the True Life Story of Sonja Henie.  Mr. Farina acquired all Life & Story Rights of Sonja Henie, Leif Henie, Sally Henie, Dorothy Stevens and others; in addition to wholly acquiring the two most important published biographies of Sonja Henie titled “Queen Of Ice Queen Of Shadows: The Unsuspected Life Of Sonja Henie” by Leif Henie & Raymond Strait as well as “Wings On My Feet” by Sonja Henie.  Mr. Farina has also completed the development phase of the Television Documentary Series “TRUST” serving as Executive Producer and Co-Creator. Mr. Farina is also Producing (and Creator, in pre-Production of) a live entertainment show spectacular mixing various mediums of performance art with ice of which has not been presented together live before, anticipated to premier in 2019 at a world-class resort hotel & casino in Las Vegas starring Global Entertainer and Olympic & World Gold Figure Skating Icon OKSANA BAIUL.

Mr. Farina attended Philadelphia University (with a double-major concentration in International Business and Haute Couture & Art History), and continued university education with the National Public Relations Program at Rider, one of only four Universities awarding fifteen candidates each in the honors program.


Mr. Farina is a global business investor utilizing realized gains as well as private capital, investing in and generating growth with a revolving portfolio of Distressed Real Estate (land & tangible structures including hotel), Entertainment Media, Film Libraries, Fine Art, Imperial European & Asian Antiques, Imperial Chinese Jade, Spa & Skincare, Oil and Solar.

While still in his early 20’s, Mr. Farina’s innovative business approach caught the attention of his clientele, and at their urging he established his own talent management company and a boutique PR firm, both of which were acquired in 1999.

In 2007, Mr. Farina founded, funded and operated FARINA Records, a boutique record label which launched with Grammy® award-winning R&B/Pop-Opera recording artist Michael Keith of 112.  Mr. Farina assembled a vast library of audio-visual works.   FARINA Records was privately acquired.

Mr. Farina has successfully Produced TV and Theatre productions, achieving a track record of delivering under budget, profit-generating projects during the last two-plus decades including high profile events ranging from Sting’s Rainforest Foundation, US Army MWR South Korea to Iraq, (consultant to) Michael Jackson’s 9/11 United We Stand, GLBT Prides worldwide, LifeTies “Over The Rainbow” for Rainbow House, Backstreet Boy Howie D.’s DLF Stars for Lupus @ Hard Rock Live, and many more.

CARLO J. FARINA® is currently serving on the Board of Directors for BAIUL-FARINA, Ltd., Las Vegas CC MA, Trustee of the FARINA Family Trust, and formerly Board of Directors of LifeTies Inc. and others. CARLO J. FARINA primarily focuses his philanthropic efforts globally toward causes related to: the Performing & Visual Arts; Orphan & Medically Fragile Youth (HIV/AIDS & Cancer); and Small Dog & Equine Rescue/Welfare.

An American businessman, respectful of his Italian and French regal heritage, Mr. Farina has traveled around the globe leaving a footprint on every continent as a Private Investor, Entertainment Producer, Talent Business Manager, and Fine Arts Collector. 

Mr. Farina is married to his beloved wife Mrs. OKSANA BAIUL-FARINA and a very grateful Father.





HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The Empress Of Ice Oksana Baiul!!!


London calling with Joan Collins; Oksana Baiul; and Janet Jackson !